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Time Warp

Opening scene. 

A bird flies in the night's sky. It circles a light house, then trails off into the nearby forest. Weaving between trees, the bird appears to know exactly where it is going. The camera follows from above.

The light house shines in the distances periodically as its' light passes overhead.

The camera changes focus to a house in the woods. The lights in the house turn on. The camera zooms into focus on the inside of the house from the outside; peering through the main window.

A man carrying a newspaper grabs the only table chair in his quiet little home, sits down, and begins to read the paper out loud.

"The wildlife conservation has announced its animal habitat has been sabotaged! Oh no... That's right off the edge of the city... Let's see... New bridge in Newbridge. New cars for sale in Newbridge as Ah! Here we are! The Employment section!....Car Service Rep...Tried that. Didn't work out... do do dooo....blah blah blah....huh? Crane Operator Required? I knew getting my license would pay off on day!"

Scene changes to a lot with various pieces of equipment and metal beams.

Craig gets out of his beat up car and finds the scientist that put the ad out for a crane operator. "Hello, Sir! My name is Craig. I'm here to accept the job of crane operator as per your ad in our local newspaper.

"Ah. I see. Please, call me The Scientist."

"Ok, well, Scientist, I have my papers in order," Craig replies as he reaches out his hand with his crane operating license paperwork.

"I trust you enough," replies The Scientist, "Please get to work. Here are the blue prints."

"What are we making today? There's no title."

(Show blueprints of a time machine)

"er, it's complicated. Please just build the project as specified and no more questions. After all, I'm The Scientist."

(Either create a crane operating mini game, or show a scene where Craig works nights and days ((Sun passes over the sky. Craig is still working. Moon passes over the sky. Craig is still working. Repeat as needed))

The big day finally arrives. Craig has just finished the project and is ready to request payment. He approaches The Scientist but just as he reaches him Craig sees a wolf, foaming at the mouth and staring him and The Scientist down.

"Don't move," The Scientist urges.

In a panic, Craig runs as fast as he can to the time machine. The Scientist follows while shouting at Craig, "Do NOT go in there!"

Craig makes it safely into the time machine with The Scientist right behind him. Craig stops to turn around and check to see if they are both ok. The Scientist runs right into Craig. Craig falls over and tries to catch his fall. He accidentally presses the main activation button. The doors close behind them. The Scientist and Craig both get off the ground as The Scientist starts shouting, "What have you done! This project is not ready yet! It's too soon!"

"Relax, Scientist. Can't you just turn it off?" Offers Craig suggestively.

"We are Doomed! Have you no idea what you have just done?!?" The Scientist madly flails his eyebrows during this reply. The walls start to bend back and forth and a great noise surrounds them.

"What is this thing anyway?" Craig asks.

"A time machine."

"Oh, that's no big deal. We can just---- A time machine? A time machine?!? You had me build a time machine!?"

"Yes, well, it's not that simple. We aren't just moving in time. We are consuming all space that ever existed. We are growing. By the time this process is over every atom in the fiber of your body will be the size of what The Milky Way was in size," replies The Scientist.

"Are you serious? That is so cool! So we are giants now?"

"Larger than you can imagine."

An explosion. Darkness. Shouting... It all becomes a blur...

With B-lining hearts under the stars of mid-day, Craig stood to find himself next to a victim of The Scientist's experiement. The victim, a man who passed out, was the holder of the Milky Way. It was one of millions of atoms that made his knee cap.

Ectoplasm is everywhere.

Craig turned to lock gazes with the scientist. historically, his face glew with a radiance of evil. Laughter sprung forth from his presence. "I, haha, I didn't remember it being this fun! Hah! So alive; I feel!

Shaking off the ectoplasm from his shoes, "What is this mess?" Craig asks?

"It is the price to pay for the conquest of salvation, my friend."

"It's nothing more than death and pain!" Yelped Craig.

"Ah! But that is just one opinion. Do you know this man? ... Nay, and nor do I, but he could have been a man of wrong doing. A thief, a liar, a murderer even! Either way, we will never know; nor can't we undo what must been done."

"You are the only murderer here! What is to become of Earth?" Craig thought to himself for he was clearly at no place to question the one man who knew anything about this new land.

And so he followed this scientist, this lunatic of embodiment...into the forest, they travelled, but very far, they had not gotten before strife struck them again...

Level Index

Level 1

Intro/ Time Machine Location

Level 2

The Native's Town (Assassin Encounter)

Level 3

Rocky Base to Town with Silo

Level 4

Rescue Civilians

Level 5

Limestone Pit / Kill "The Assassin"

Level 6

Cave to Island Bunker

Level 7

Save the Island Villagers from the Lizard-Humaniods

Level 8

The Quest of the Rats

Level 9

Passage thru the Lava

Level 10

Rolling Hills (East)

Level 11

Training with the Rat-Humanoid's Temple Inhabitants

Level 12

Trail thru Mount Supreme

Level 13

The Bat-Humanoid Rat-if-ication

Level 14

Peace at Rocky's Base

Level 15

Rolling Hills (Central)

Level 16

The Forest 1.2

Level 17

The Swamps

Level 18

Flank on the Alligator-Humanoid Base #2

Level 19

The Final Stand Against the Alligator-Humanoids

Level 20

The Journey (Rockets)

Level 21

The Mountain

Level 22

Inside the Bat King's Lair

Level 23

Overthrowing the Bat King

Level 24

Prepare for Part Two