The Following is a List of Quests

Underwater Scope

Upgrade your binoculars with a scope designed to see greater distances underwater.

Going Mobile

Build a go-kart for transportation.

Start a Farm

Collect minerals and wood for tools.

Collect seeds and water.

Plant seeds. Water them.

Use time accelerator.

Expand Your Business

Go talk to local business owners and see if they would like to offer a portion of their business in exchange for favors or currency.

Find Suits

Collect suits that impersonate characters in the game.

Build a Base

There is an island near by with plenty of wood and iron ore. Go there and build a base of operations.

Fiancial Benefit

There is an outbreak on a thin line splitting territory between two forces. Near the line is a friendly bunker. Travel to the bunker and stay the fight until there are no more living enemies in the area.

As a bonus upon the completion of this quest, you will receive a "Territory Expansion" for your teams side.

"Territory Expansion" means your allies have won a battle and gained land thanks to you.

When you or a friendly gains "Territory Expansion," it allows low prices in stores, and earns you "Reputation."

Poison Power

Travel to the barrens to collect rattle snakes so you may extract their poison. This poison may be applied to weapons.

Heat is intense on the barrens. Travel at a slow, but steady pace you will pass out from heat exhaustion and lose a life.

Sunkin Sewer

Someone of the neighboring town has fallen into the sewers in a radio-active part of town.

If this person is down there for more than ten minutes, they will die of radiation poisoning.

Strap on a bio-protective waste suit and save the person that is trapped.

Not only will you save someone's life but you will gain respect and trust from the neighboring town. This will likely result in discounts at stores and an increased level of persuasion.

Dr. Salt

"You got a cut, a sore, a wound? Need to preserve meats? Pour salt on it," Proclaims the senile ol' Dr. Salt.

We all know its probably not his real name but with his profession of selling bags of salt, who cares?

Some has stolen a crate of salt and poured it on his neighbor's apple orchard. Now the apples are bad and Dr. Salt is being blamed.

Find out who would do such a thing and see if you can find a way to remove all that salt from the poor orchard farm's soil.

Destory Xangle of Suns

There is said to be a beast that multiples when it explodes.

We need you to get rid of it, unfortunately, it appears the only weapons we have are a couple bottle rockets and a bat.

Go get him and have fun!

Dwellington Beast

Fight and defeat your first underground beast.

Be careful. They like to hurl boulders.

Win a Race

1. Pick a Blueprint.

2. Collect the parts.

3. Enter a race.

4. Win the race to earn currency.

5. Use the currency to build more parts.

Repeat 3,4 and 5.

Become a CEO

Find a job.

Excel  at work.

Gain the trust of your boss.

Move up the corperate ladder.

Use wages to purchase company stock.

Gain majority ownership.

Dig a Hole

Did a hole to the center of the Earth but don't let the ground collapse on you and let the spiders or centipedes get to you.

Race Car Derby

Start with a beat up car and win derbies until you unlock more vehicles.

Don't let your vehicles get too trashed, especially if you are playing for pink slips.

Save the King

Your King has been Kingnapped. Restore faith in the community by setting sail for new lands.

Learn, laugh, grow in heart, and kick some bad guys along the way.

Fight in a Tournament

Kick and punch your way up the ranks until you are ready to fight an overpowered boss.

The boss might have the advantage but by the time you reach him you will be the ultimate warrior.

Protect Your Property

A huddle of Walruses have declared this land for themselves. You, the might Sea Lion, must fight back for ALL THE FISH!

Hire Penguins to collect a food supply that you can use to hire other Sea Lions, but first, gain their trust.

Make a Song

Using a program, devise your own classical masterpiece.

This can be done with patterns and variety.

1. 1-3-5. 1-3-5. 1-3-5.

2. 2-4-6. 2-4-6. 2-4-6.

3. 3-5-7. 3-5-7. 3-5-7.

7. 7-5-3. 6-4-2. 5-3-1.


De L' Attack of Aliens

Hey man! Aliens are attacking us from outer space!

Get in your anti-space craft pea-shooter and stop the take over.

Btw, they appear to be made of broccoli.

Sneak into a Concert

Your favorite band is playing tonight, but whats this? You lost the tickets for you and your friends.

Sneak everyone past security or use stealth to obtain VIP tickets.

Grow a Plant

Conduct a series of experiments on plants to see if you can get them to grow more efficiently or more productively.

Some water treatments may allow for fast growth, but lower quality.

Some water treatments may allow for higher quality, but lower growth rate.

Some water treatments will both result in higher quality and higher quality but they take up so much room and storage.

Pan for Gold

It's the mid-1800's again and everyone is just dying to find a giant nugget that will land them a new perspective on life.

Get your blue jeans and your sift and become rich, but don't let thugs intimidate you!

Survive An Astroid Belt

You are on an intergalactic space flight and you have entered the wrong coordinates into your navigation system.

Well, it looks like theres only one way out of this situation: Straight through an asteroid belt.

Use your Nixon Laser Cannon to break free!

Beast Collector: Episode Awesome

Between the bullies and the beasts, it's a rough world out there.

Tame your own beasts, or find them in the wild and battle them for experience boosts.

Become friends with your beasts and journey the world to become the first person to end the saga of ruthless fighting in the streets and just about everywhere else.

Last Hope

Using recon-a-sense; a mix between stealth and logic, sneak your way through mazes filled with bad guys and traps.

Build a Country. Build a home.

Collect supplies and allies and grow a community that will help set you free from a life of tyranny as you leave your ruthless homeland and found a new country.

Let's face it. No one wants to be ruled by a king when they can be their own.

You and your family have been shamed under false pretenses and you wish to start a new life in a new land that will serve the people in the name of justice and peace.

Find the right spot to proclaim yours. Find lumber and iron/copper and cattle.

Send for civilians and make them as happy as you are to have this new life. 

Zombie Ball

We got tired of all these zombies roaming the streets so we organized a series of sports for them.

Play Ball! or as a zombie might say it, "Ooogh oooh"

Clean the House

Your landlord is on her way up to your apartment but there is one problem; when you woke up this morning you discovered that you are a mouse!

Use physics to move everything back in order...then maybe call a Witch Doctor?

Protect Your Home

Some Bubble Bandits have surrounded your gated house.

Get to the soap-suds-suppressors!

Announce coming events

There's big news brewing around the water cooler of your small time company. It sounds like you just hooked a big client. Things are about to turn around for you, but theres one problem, you have a fear of giving speeches!

Pressing the right order of buttons you just might pull this off.

Climb A Tower

You just printed off a list of all your favorites movies, in the most excellent order, but, OH no!, the wind swept it up. You got most of the papers back but a huge gust seems to have carried the notes all the way up a skyscraper!

Hurry up and collect the pages before the paparazzi steals them.

Chains. Brad Chains.

You are on a super secret mission: To get into a party that you weren't invited to and learn the name of the founder of the new club in town.

But don't you see, it was you. It was always you.

Veni. Vidi. Vici.

You are bound by no law than your own. You have your own army.

You are really sick of those guys making short jokes just because you are a human living in a giant's world.

Strategically take back Earth in the name of Man or Woman.

Destroy Some Ant Hills

You wake up in the morning, drinking your coffee. You go outside to fetch the newspaper and what do you see?

Ants! Just ants everywhere!

Grab a hose or a shovel. Grab some bug spray even, just get rid of those ants before your property value drops.

OMG- The agony!

Detail your services

If customers can’t find it, it doesn’t exist. Clearly list and describe the services you offer. Also, be sure to showcase a premium service.

Announce coming events

Having a big sale, on-site celebrity, or other event? Be sure to announce it so everybody knows and gets excited about it.

Display real testimonials

Are your customers raving about you on social media? Share their great stories to help turn potential customers into loyal ones.

Promote current deals

Running a holiday sale or weekly special? Definitely promote it here to get customers excited about getting a sweet deal.

Share the big news

Have you opened a new location, redesigned your shop, or added a new product or service? Don't keep it to yourself, let folks know.

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